Friday, January 6, 2012

Homemade Lego Cop Halloween Costume

I fell in love with the idea of being a Lego Cop for Halloween 2011.  So I went and bought a few things and completed it in 3 days.  I wore it to a Halloween Costume Contest out with my husband (adults only at a bar) and won first place!  I really enjoyed making it and having fun it!!

I took foam the kind you have left over from siding and made the circles for the head, 2 larger, 2 slightly smaller and then used 2 pieces of poster board from the dollar store.  I used yellow paint which worked out well for me because I had it on hand.  The eyes I used duct tape and the mouth I trimmed with electrical tape.

The body and legs were from boxes I got from my children's school.  The legs specifically were 2 copier paper boxes.  I bought 2 cans of black spray paint for under $2 a piece.  I sprayed the body and legs down 3-4 times each drying all the way in between each spray.  With white paint I had on hand I painted the white circle on the main body.

The lego hands I used 4 layers of the foam like I used for the head and bought caulking glue and glue them together just like the head pieces.  I used a drill saw to shape the dried foam into a pac man like shape and then again so it's kind of pac man but not, hard to explain, but you get the idea. Then I painted them yellow as well.  I wore dark blue jeans and a long sleeve black shirt with it.  The mouth is what I could see out of when I wore the full costume.  

This was easy to make, lots of fun and fun to wear.  The kids got a big kick out of it too on Halloween night!!

No Sew Tutu

Having a girl has definitely been a journey for me.  I was never, ever girly.  I never had pink in my wardrobe or appreciated anything in that genre for that matter.  Well my daughter is definitely a girly girl.  She struts around in shoes whenever she can, which usually means she's mesmerized whenever she is at someone else's home because I only own 3 pairs total, 2 of them are Skechers! lol 

My daughter demands to wear pretty approved clothing by her, to include her socks and she is only 2!  She has a very good sense of style for a 2 year old, lol.  So about a year ago when I sensed this coming I began looking at tutus.  OMG was I stunned at how beautiful these little wonders are!! Along with that shock, was my shock at the price sticker.  I wanted to have her 2 yr old party theme Terrible Tutus - however this particular themed tutu cost $85.00 for a tutu that could only be worn for 6 months and that is if she actually wore it everyday.  Are you kidding me?

So thus began my search for the ability to make her one myself.  Now, I can be crafty.  But for some reason I have never possessed the ability to sew.  Not by hand nor by machine.  I am just sew an idiot, lol, sorry couldn't resist that one.

So I found the no sew technique, got 2 colors in shades of purple and pink to cover most of everything in her wardrobe, found tulle on sale when I want to Joann Fabrics and bought a 2 inch thick ribbon that sized up for a 4 year old's waist.  That way, I could tie it tight until she is that waist size and won't need to make another until she hits size 4 or needs them in other colors.

All and all, I spent just about $10 and it took me about an hour (and this was long compared to most averages - I am a perfectionist especially if I have never done it before) to create my daughter's tutu!

Sew Fun!!

Sweet 16

So when my older niece was about to turn 16 I lent a very helping hand in planning the party with my SIL.  My SIL was gracious enough to allow me to be so much a part of this party.  After spending hours scouring sites with my nieces I was able to see what she would like and want.

I was inspired in so many directions and if I had an indispensable amount of money I could have made a display fit for royalty.  However, both our pockets were limited so here is what I came up with:

As you can see, the theme was SWEET.  I used a site called to print out some free printables.  That is where the labels came from that are on the vases.  I then bought 2 packs of Pink sparkly alphas and made the words on the labels.  I also bought self adhesive bling to add to the labels.  I bought the different sizes of vases from the dollar store.  I made the chocolate covered strawberries and chocolate covered pretzels myself.  

I also made the hand made chocolates in the YUMMY vase, around the marshmallows along with the hand dipped marshmallows and I made the chocolate hearts on the sticks.  Then I bought  the pink with black polka dots 12x12 paper and altered 2 Whitman's Samplers chocolates bottoms of the boxes with it.  I also bought blinged out numbers which you can't see in these pictures of "16" which are on both boxes.  I took the 12x12 paper and fashioned cones out of them simply using a piece of tape to hold them together leaving a small opening at the bottom.  Inside the chocolate boxes I used foam, like they do for planters, and place paper on top of it.  I then placed skewers on the back box in various places as well as different sized skewers.  I then place then cones onto the skewers and filled them with freshly popped popcorn and filled the bottom of both boxes with M&Ms.

Then I used a site called to create these personalized candy bar wrappers for each guest to take home.  

It was a fun way to do something extra special on a budget and it was easy as well!!  Everyone enjoyed the sweets table!!

Tricycle Diaper Cake

Long before I seen this on Pinterest I had already found it on my own.  Being the person I am, naturally I wanted to give my BIL and SIL a gift at their baby shower that was unlike any other.

So I made this Tricycle Diaper Cake, it's fun and easy too!  In fact, the hardest part was gathering up the right ingredients.  Anyhow, I used a new package of Pamper's Newborn Diapers, 2 bibs, 2 receiving blankets, 1 bottle, a pair of socks, girly ribbon and topped it off with a multicolored Bear and set of keys!!

It was quite a hit and this picture doesn't do it justice!!  Lots of fun, easy and a great way to give new parents the items they need in a great presentation!!

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday was moving day.....

Can you tell just how excited was by the title? so I got the great pleasure of having to move and clear out my mom's apartment. There was so much stuff. I mean some of the stuff was so crazy I have no idea why she kept it. I found journals and work I did in highschool and I even found a highschool journal that belonged to Stacey from her senoir English. What the heck was my mom saving stuff like this for? Eldon and his step dad helped me, thank goodness for that! At about 8pm Eldon went back to his sister's whom was watching my 3 kids with her family, cancelling their family day to help us out - Oh SO Thankful for that! I definately couldn't have done it without their help!

Anyhow, I spent 14 hours working on her apartment. Only to stop from 2:15pm-2:30 to eat. The rest of the time I was on my feet never sitting down once. I only stopped at midnight because Eldon brought the kids home. From the time Eldon left to the time he got home, I spent those hours trying to figure out where I was gonna put all of my mom's stuff that came back to my house. I mean it was everywhere! on my couches, floor in everywhere in between, on my kitchen counters and floor, you almost couldn't access my kitchen at all, up stairs in the kids' rooms, and downstairs as well. For the 4hours Eldon was gone, I was able to put away almost everything. Don't dare ask me where it all is, I couldn't tell you, infact I would love to forget it all exists or that yesterday even happened, but of course I can't since I am not even done!!!

Besides still having stuff to get out of the apartment, I get to enjoy myself by cleaning it from wall to wall and floor to ceiling! I am so excited, I can't contain my rays of joy - they are almost making me fall out of my seat, oh wait, that's my back spasms! uuugghhhh when will it be over????

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Where to begin

For starters I like blue! I guess along the way if you have any questions please feel free to ask.

I haven't been sleeping well. About 3-4 weeks ago my daughter who was only 3 months at the time, got sick. She was running a fever of over 104. Meds were working to break the fever, administering them constantly of course. The next day I had to take her to the doctors, they suspects ear infection, but actually she did not have one. Blood work a week later confirmed she was fighting something, but after her visit to the doctors she stopped the fever and hasn't had one since. Well anyhow, that night with the fever, we were both up for about 36 straight hours. She obviously not feeling well couldn't even sleep and me, her adoring mother, cradle held her the entire time. Since then we have been struggling to get back on schedule. There will be a few days in a row where we are on schedule and then for no reason at all just be up till 3 or 4 am again.

This sucks because then we sleep a long nap during the day thus re-creating the whole cycle. And on some days I avoid the nap for both of us and then it seems she should fall to sleep at a reasonable time, but actually she fights it and continues to stay up.

So for the past 3-4 weeks, I am seriously back to the lack of sleep to the first days of a newborn.

So with all this said, I have been dizzy and feeling awful pressure in my head and fighting headaches and this caused me to stop nursing which really impacted my psyche because I was determined to last 6 months and not just 4. I am bummed to say the least and I am catching myself talk like I just had a stroke. I seem to be all mixed up. I try to do everything like normal in terms of keeping my house up and helping the boys with tasks and preparing dinners etc...

Above all of this, I find out 2 weeks ago this coming Monday that my mom's cancer is now terminal and she has been moved into a hospice. I truly haven't even begun to deal with all of that within itself, because from her admission I have been propelled into running around for her and whatnot. I have had to run to her home and get things, do all her laundry, bring these things to her, visit with her, and then starting tomorrow I need to clear out her whole apartment.

This is all so frustrating! She wants to keep everything - which I don't blame her - imagine you are only 54 and in hospice and have to give up everything familiar to you while you wait to die. They won't let her bring much to her room. Kinda crappy if you ask me.

Neighbors asking for her stuff; Plus I have tons of stuff that she just accumulated over the years that I get to weed out and figure out what to do with it all. Knowing it's all sentimental to her.

well looks like Bailey finally fell asleep - so I guess this finishing my thoughts right now.