Sunday, October 25, 2009

Saturday was moving day.....

Can you tell just how excited was by the title? so I got the great pleasure of having to move and clear out my mom's apartment. There was so much stuff. I mean some of the stuff was so crazy I have no idea why she kept it. I found journals and work I did in highschool and I even found a highschool journal that belonged to Stacey from her senoir English. What the heck was my mom saving stuff like this for? Eldon and his step dad helped me, thank goodness for that! At about 8pm Eldon went back to his sister's whom was watching my 3 kids with her family, cancelling their family day to help us out - Oh SO Thankful for that! I definately couldn't have done it without their help!

Anyhow, I spent 14 hours working on her apartment. Only to stop from 2:15pm-2:30 to eat. The rest of the time I was on my feet never sitting down once. I only stopped at midnight because Eldon brought the kids home. From the time Eldon left to the time he got home, I spent those hours trying to figure out where I was gonna put all of my mom's stuff that came back to my house. I mean it was everywhere! on my couches, floor in everywhere in between, on my kitchen counters and floor, you almost couldn't access my kitchen at all, up stairs in the kids' rooms, and downstairs as well. For the 4hours Eldon was gone, I was able to put away almost everything. Don't dare ask me where it all is, I couldn't tell you, infact I would love to forget it all exists or that yesterday even happened, but of course I can't since I am not even done!!!

Besides still having stuff to get out of the apartment, I get to enjoy myself by cleaning it from wall to wall and floor to ceiling! I am so excited, I can't contain my rays of joy - they are almost making me fall out of my seat, oh wait, that's my back spasms! uuugghhhh when will it be over????

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